Before You Begin

The College of Traditional Midwifery (CTM) encourages applications from qualified students of all cultural, racial, religious and ethnic groups. To be eligible, a student must have an official high school transcript or equivalent, be 21 years of age or older and must show proof of certification from a list of approved providers for the following:

  1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or equivalency that include CPR and First Aid Certification
  2. Childbirth Education Instructor Certification
  3. Doula Certification
  4. Lactation Consultant Certification
  5. Birth Assistant Workshop

Each student must be in good physical and mental health and free from any communicable disease and submit evidence of a complete physical from a licensed physician, including a tuberculin test.

The applicant must be clean and neat in appearance.

The applicant must show proof of proficiency in English and Math by providing college or university transcripts showing a passing grade in English and Math or evidence of a passing score in English and Math on the ACT National Examination.

The applicant must agree to be respectful and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Each applicant must be working with a NARM Approved Preceptor.



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