Our Mission

To educate community midwives through a competency-based education program.

To provide students, faculty, staff and preceptors with valid and reliable tools to measure student competency.

To prepare graduates to take the national credentialing examination for the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).

To prepare students for legal recognition in the state of Tennessee as CPM-TNs.

What to Expect

Competency-Based Education

The CTM Midwifery Program is a competency- based education program developed from the core competencies for entry into the practice of midwives. Competency is measured through multiple assessment tools to ensure proficiency of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes by the student.

In-Residence Week

Each term, students must attend an In-Resident Week at the CTM Campus located in Summertown, TN, where they will participate in standardization workshops, face-to-face meetings with their Student Liaison, take the Term Written Examination and receive a general assessment of their progress.

Associate of Applied Science in Midwifery

The CTM Midwifery Program is a 36 month or three-year Midwifery Program equaling at least 2010 hours of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes (equivalent to 92 credit hours), plus the required Prerequisites. Upon completion, students will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science of Midwifery.