Is there a program for practicing CPMs who want or need to get an Associate of Applied Midwifery degree?

Yes.  CTM offers the CPM Advanced program and it may be one of the best options to advance your midwifery career.  The requirements are listed below.


  • Proof of Current CPM
  • Transcripts and/or Licenses
  • Current CPR
  • Current NRP
  • Current First Aide
  • Proof of Cultural Competency

College of Traditional Midwifery Requirements:

  • CPM In-Resident Weeks for Term 1 and Term 2
  • Research and workshop presentation on a birth related complication
  • Pharmacology Standardization Workshop
  • Chart Review
  • NARM Bridge Certificate

When these requirements have been met, the Certified Professional Midwife will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science in Midwifery.

Does CTM enroll students who reside outside the state of Tennessee?

CTM has authorization to enroll students in Tennessee. If you wish to attend CTM and you reside in a state other than Tennessee, please check with the CTM Applications Department regarding authorization to offer education in your state.

What if I need more time to finish the program?

Students may request a term extension at any time.  Such requests are reviewed and awarded on an as needed basis.  There is a $250 cost for each term extension.

Does CTM offer grants, loans or scholarships?

We do not offer any financial assistance at this time.

Does going to Orientation mean that you must enroll in the College of Traditional Midwifery (CTM) Associate of Applied Science in Midwifery?

No.  At the end of Orientation, students may choose to enroll in the College of Traditional Midwifery Associate of Applied Science in Midwifery CTM=CPM+ program or the Midwifery Assistant Workshops.

If I go to Orientation, am I obligated to enroll in the CTM=CPM+ AASM or the Midwifery Assistant Workshop?

There is no obligation to enroll in the CTM=CPM+ or the Midwifery Assistant Workshops.

Are there Prerequisites required to attend Orientation?

There are no Prerequisites required to attend Orientation.

What happens during Orientation?

CTM offers two (2) five-day Orientations a year.  The maximum number of spaces available for any Orientation is ten (10) students.  During Orientation, students will learn about CTM’s Competency-based, NARM PEP-based, apprenticeship, AASM program and the Midwifery Assistant Workshops.   During the 5-day Orientation, students will participate in Standardization Workshops, i.e. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, applied health care skills, charting, medical terminology and more.  The students will experience CTM campus life.  Those students, who choose the CTM=CPM+ AASM program, will meet the Student Liaisons.

Will I get a certificate if I complete the Midwifery Assistant Workshops?

You will receive a transcript listing the Standardization Workshops attended.

How long are the Midwifery Assistant Workshops?

The Midwifery Assistant Workshops consist of Orientation and one other five-day session that is specific to skills needed to be a competent Midwifery Assistant.  The Midwifery Assistant spans 1 year.  The Midwifery Assistant must be completed within 3 years.

Is there an experience portion to the Midwifery Assistant?

Midwifery Assistant will fill out the NARM Phase I, Observations, plus the CTM=CPM+ additional Observations, and half of NARM Phase 2 Assistant phase, or when competency is established as a Midwifery Assistant.

What are the requirements to graduate for the CTM=CPM+ AASM program?

The Associate of Applied Science in Midwifery (AASM) Program is a 36 month or three-year Midwifery Program with 1,260 clinical contact hours and 750 didactic contact hours equaling 2010 contact hours of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes equivalent to 92 credit hours.  The program is divided into six (6) Terms or two (2) Terms per year.  Each Term is about twenty (20) weeks in length.  An Associate of Applied Science in Midwifery (AASM) will be granted after satisfactory completion of the CTM Midwifery education program.  This program must be completed within six (6) years of the student’s acceptance date at CTM.

What is a Student Liaison?

The Student Liaison is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), who provides substantive and regular contact with the student, communicates with the student and preceptor two (2) times during a Term, monitors the progress of the student, and is available for consultations throughout the three-year program.

Is there a Grievance Process?

Yes.  If a student does not agree with the decision of the preceptor, Student Liaison and/or CTM Administration, the student may request Mediation.  Requests must be in writing and delivered to CTM via traceable carrier within thirty (30) days after the primary decision.  The results and recommendations of the Mediation will be placed in the student’s permanent file.  The cost to the student for Mediation is $200.00. The Mediation will occur within thirty (30) days of the written request.

If the Mediation does not bring about a resolution, the student may request a Peer Review.  Requests must be in writing to CTM via traceable carrier within thirty (30) days after the Mediation. The results and recommendations of the Peer Review Process will be placed in the student’s permanent file.  If the Peer Review is scheduled during an In-Resident Week, there is no additional cost to the student.

If Peer Review does not bring a resolution, the student must request a Board of Directors Review and must be in writing to CTM via traceable carrier within thirty (30) days after the Peer Review.  The Board of Directors will conduct a review and make a final determination.  The final decision will be written and sent to student via traceable carrier.  It may take up to thirty (30) days to receive the results and recommendations from the Board of Directors.  The results and recommendations of the Board of Directors will be put in the student’s permanent file.

After following the entire CTM Grievance Process, including a review by the Board of Directors, if the student remains unsatisfied with the decision, the student has the right to file a complaint with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Nashville, TN 37243-0830. (Tel:  615-741-5293)

All records of a complaint or Grievance with their resolution will be retained in the CTM office for seven (7) years from the date of the complaint.

Student Measure of Achievement October 20, 2019

Students in Orientation   8

Full-time Students          5

Part-time Students          1

Students who have Graduated (Advanced Standing for CPMs)     1

Students or graduates who have passed the NARM Examination  3

Students or graduates who are CPMs                                              3

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